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  /  Testimonial
Rufus Percival , November 2017 (HV MPA)

“Overall very good course. I will recommend to work as a good training facility.”

K. R. Senthil Kumar, September 2017 (CompEx Refresher)

“It’s a very good organization, clarity, well performance. Labs are very good.”

Wambo Paul , September 2017 (HVLV IADC)

“Overall very good knowledge transfer set up. Trainers very poised at providing lectures.”

Lim Ming Yi, Benny, March 2016 (HV MPA)

“This course provides a comprehensive & conducive learning environment. I had a great time. The trainers are friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks.”

GE Power, January 2016 (HV MPA)

“The training facilities were good organized for the training purpose especially HV switch gears and Generator synchronizing training was very impressive.”

Marine Technology, November 2015 (HV MCA)

“I highly recommend this course (MCA) to individual and companies to acquire proper accredited certification, knowledge and experience on HV systems.”

ISEP, September 2014 (CompEx Ex01-04)

“The course contents was well proposed and gained good knowledge on the principles and technique used in real work. The practical training and inspection was really a useful task.”

Jungwoo Oh, February 2014 (CompEx01-04)

“It was really valuable hours to me during the course with kind teacher & good training method.”

Danilo I.Medina, July 2013 (CompEx01-04 )

“I don’t have any comments for improvement. The ATTS has already all necessary things for satisfaction. My grade for ATTS is excellent; I will continue to promote your courses to my co-workers to be competent inspector. Keep up your 100% Excellency.”

Maersk Drilling, May 2013 (HVLV IADC)

“Excellent training aids provided in switch rooms.”

Transocean, March 2013 ( HVLV IADC )

“Excellent infrastructure and good place to learn the basics and proper operations along with high standards of safety.”


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