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Funding & Claims

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Funding (If applicable)

Singaporeans/Permanent Residents (PR) may enjoy government funding for selected courses.

All applicants, individual and/or company sponsored must attain a minimum attendance of 75% in the course, attempt all assessments and be certified competent in order to be eligible for the funding. Failing which the individual or the employer is liable to forfeit the grant and bear the full course fees.


Types of Funding courses available:


Type of FundingType of CoursesApplicantsIndividualCorporate
SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) is available for selected programmes-CompEx 01-04SingaporeanYESNO
-WSQ EFMM (L1)SingaporeanYESNO
-WSQ EFMM (L2)SingaporeanYESNO
Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) – Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore for selected STCW programmes only-STCW HV MPA
-Management CourseSingaporean, PRYESYES
-Operation CourseSingaporean, PRYESYES


For any funding application rejected by any agencies due to any reasons, the applicant is liable to pay the balance of the course fee (ie the potential funding amount) to ATTS.


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