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Assets Training & Technical Services Pte Ltd (ATTS) was established in 2004 to raise the level of safety standards in the Asia region. Located in Singapore, we provide competency-based training for electrical personnel working in environments made hazardous by the presence of combustible gases, vapours or dusts. We established the first fully CompEx audited training facility in the region and understand the needs of the industry as well as our customers. We strive for consistent quality in providing dependable delivery of knowledge and expert advice. Our dedicated staff and support ensure your investment towards the nurturing of competent staff for your company in the long term.


With over 15,000sq.ft facility, ATTS training centre is able to provide bigger and newer equipment to meet the needs of the industry. With more than 30 Ex practical bays, we are among the largest in Asia Pacific region to conduct CompEx training and assessment programs. For competency assessment, these bays provide realistic simulations for hazardous area electrical and instrumentation installations and inspections. The bays are constructed in accordance with CompEx and IEC 60079-14/17 standards and requirements, and audited by JTLimited, UK. Additional 12 units of training bays was fabricated to conduct Ex preparation course which include CompEx Foundation (Plus), Explosive Atmosphere (Ex) Training course, Explosive Atmosphere (Ex) Basic course.


The company is headed by the board of directors and managed by a Operations Director,  Ms Genevieve Won with the support of team leads in the Sales & Marketing, Operations, Training and Course development.

Through top quality training, practical workshops & highly dynamic trainers, we enable aspiring Individuals to work at their best.


Elevate safety awareness and competency by providing work based training and technical services to engineering professionals.


Be a long term partner, contributing to the promotion of a safe work environment, and strengthening of technical competency in the Oil and Gas, Marine as well as the Process Industries.


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