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HIGH VOLTAGE TRAINING at Management level (MPA, Singapore Approved)

  /    /  HIGH VOLTAGE TRAINING at Management level (MPA, Singapore Approved)


This course aims to train mariners to be capable of managing high voltage operations on board ship, understanding the high voltage distribution system & the importance of maintaining distribution capability, and identifying faults within a high voltage system and reconfigure the system to maintain supply. The course meets the criteria of the MNTB Shipboard HV guidelines and it is also certified by MPA (Maritime And Port of Authority of Singapore). The learner will meet the three outcomes of the course: –

    • Outcome 1: The learner can manage high voltage operations on board a ship.
    • Outcome 2: The learner understands the high voltage system and the maintenance of distribution capability.
    • Outcome 3: The learner can identify faults within a high voltage system and reconfigure the system to maintain supply.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for Marine Engineer Officer (MEO) class 1 & 2, Electro Technical Officer (ETO), Marine Engineer surveyor, Marine superintendent, Marine Engineer officer who may require to supervise and/or implement on-board HV switching operation as an Authorised person; and preparatory as Chief Engineer officer COC.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should possess the assumed skills and knowledge as outlined in the competency standards as follows:

    • Delegates should have basic knowledge of electrical theory and practice.
    • Prior Electrical or Electro-technical experience in a Shipboard environment
    • Have completed 12 months sea time as EOOW (Engineer Officer of the Watch).
    • Applicable for CoC 1/CoC 2 Engineer Officer

Course Syllabus

    • Understanding of the functional, operational and safety requirements for Marine High Voltage System.
    • Assistance to suitable qualified personnel in carrying out maintenance and repair of HV Switchgear.
    • Understand the concept of PTW & SFT and candidates are expected to show this understanding during practical.
    • Remedial action necessary to rectify a HV System fault.
    • Switching strategy for isolating Marine HV components.
    • Selection of suitable equipment for isolation and testing Marine HV equipment.
    • Switching and isolation procedure on a Marine HV System, complete with Safety documentation.
    • Performance of insulation resistance and polarisation index test on Marine HV equipment.
    • Performance of Hi-pot test on Marine HV equipment and thermal imaging.
    • Theory and practical assessment.

Course Duration (Days)



Theoretical :–

Practical :–
Manual synchronising of generators
HV Switchgear inspection and maintenance
IR& PI Tests
Thermographic inspection
HV Switching Procedure implementation
HV Fault identification & system re-configuration
HV Hi-Pot Test


High Voltage Training (Management Level) Approved by MPA SINGAPORE

Application Procedure

All applications are to be submitted online / via email at least 3 days prior to course commencing date. Successful applicants will receive the course confirmation and payment advisory email. Registration is only confirmed upon full payment of course fees.


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