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Power System Protective Relay

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The course on Protective Relays focuses on the protection of distribution power systems and an understanding of system faults and their detection, as well as their safe disconnection. This protective relay training course presents a comprehensive and systematic description of the concepts and principles of operation and application of protection schemes for various power system elements. The course begins with an overview of power system protection, protective relaying principles, fault calculations, components of power system protection schemes, system earthing and relay applications. This course deals with protection systems from a practical perspective, and includes important functional aspects such as testing and maintenance of protection systems. By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Understand power distribution system protection and its significance
    • Know the theory and applications of main components used in power system protection
    • Understand the theory and applications of protective relays for generator protection, transformer protection, motor protection and distribution feeder protection
    • Know the basic construction and operation of Digital Relays
    • Recognise the importance of proper protective relay management

Who Should Attend

Engineers, Technicians, Electricians and Engineering Managers involved in the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment in the oil and gas industry, chemical industry, energy and utilities companies. It is also valuable to technical personnel in building services where protection is applied to 22kV supply system and below to LV distribution.

Entry Requirements

    • Must have good standards of both written and verbal English.
    • Basic electrical knowledge

Course Syllabus

    • Protective Relaying Principles
    • Faults, Types and Effects
    • System Earthing
    • Overcurrent Protection
    • Differential Protection
    • Generator Protection
    • Transformer Protection
    • Motor Protection
    • Feeder Protection
    • Digital Relays
    • Relay Testing and Maintenance

Course Duration (Days)



Theoretical :–


Certificate of Training
Issued by ATTS, Singapore.

Application Procedure

All applications are to be submitted online / via email at least 3 days prior to course commencing date. Successful applicants will receive the course confirmation and payment advisory email. Registration is only confirmed upon full payment of course fees.


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