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Hazardous Areas CompEx Dust Course (Ex05 & Ex06)

  /    /  Hazardous Areas CompEx Dust Course (Ex05 & Ex06)


CompEx Dust (Ex05-Ex06) meets the competency requirements of IEC60079-14, 17 in selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment in potentially explosive dust atmospheres. The course consists of classroom based theoretical training, practice sessions and practical skill & theory assessments. The course includes instruction on how to read hazardous area certification, labeling and documentation relating to dust factors that need to be considered when managing dust clouds and layers. It also covers the main protection concepts, categories and levels that are applied to certified Ex electrical equipment.

Candidates who have successfully completed the Ex05-Ex06 qualification will be able to:
– Identify the correct criteria and descriptors used to classify a hazardous dust location.
– Recognise the correct characteristics of common hazardous dust, fibres and flyings – i.e., combustible, conductive and non-conductive.
– Demonstrate an underpinning knowledge of how Ex electrical equipment is certified
– Identify the correct test value readings for IS and non-IS installations and equipment.
– Use IEC inspection table 1 and inspect pre-installed Ex’d’, ‘e’ and ‘n’, ‘t’, ‘tD’ electrical equipment.
– Interpret Intrinsically Safe (IS) documentation.
– Use IEC inspection table 2 and inspect pre-installed certified, non-certified, simple and associated apparatus on a pre-installed intrinsically safe installation.
– Identify and record faults at the correct grade of inspection.
– Recommend the correct remedial action and IEC inspection code for each fault identified.
– Recognise the need to prove an isolation on electrical equipment prior to carrying out a detailed inspection.
– Use the correct documentation.

Who Should Attend

This Course is suitable for electrotechnical personnel who work on the physical installation and assembly of new ‘Ex’ equipment and perform preventive maintenance and inspections on previously installed equipment in hazardous dust atmospheres.

Entry Requirement

Electrical / instrumentation qualifications and;

Employment letter to endorse the electrical / Instrumentation working experience of recent years

Course Syllabus

1. Regulations & Directives concerning dust atmospheres
2. Essential Health & Safety Requirements – E N 1127-1
3. Competency Requirements – IEC / EN 60079-14
4. Dust Explosion Principles
5. Dust characteristics & Dust Groups
6. Risk Evaluation
7. Maximum Surface Temperature of Equipment
8. Dust Area Classification – an overview
9. Concept of dust ignition protection & Ingress Protection
10. Electrical Equipment for use in dust atmospheres
11. Equipment Marking
12. Installation & Inspection Requirements per IEC 60079-14 & 17
13. Maintenance
14. Documents & Records

Course Duration (Days)



Theoretical :–

Ex05a assessment non-IS installation
Ex05b assessment IS installation
Ex06a assessment – Inspection of non-IS electrical equipment
Ex06b assessment – Inspection of IS equipment


Candidates who are successful in the assessments will received CompEx – Certificate of Core Competence (with a validity of 5 years).

Application Procedure

All applications are to be submitted online / via email at least 3 days prior to course commencing date. Successful applicants will receive the course confirmation and payment advisory email. Registration is only confirmed upon full payment of course fees.


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