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Hazardous Areas CompEx Application Design Engineer Course (EX12)

  /    /  Hazardous Areas CompEx Application Design Engineer Course (EX12)

Course Overview

The CompEx Ex12 Application Design Engineer qualification has been developed to ensure the core competence of application design engineers who specify electrical equipment in hazardous areas to meet the competence requirements of the IEC 60079 Series of Standards.
The course consists of two separate units, Ex12a (Non-Intrinsically Safe equipment) and Ex12b (Intrinsically Safe equipment), which covers the minimum requirements for competence of electrical application design engineers, whose responsibilities include the selection of appropriate certified electrical equipment for pre-determined hazardous areas.

Who Should Attend

This qualification is suitable for aspiring or practicing application design engineers who have experience of selecting certified Ex electrical equipment for installations in locations where gases and vapours can potentially create a hazardous environment.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should possess the assumed skills and knowledge as outlined in the competency standards as follows:

-Practicing competent electrical application design engineers.
-Practicing competent electrical and instrument operatives aspiring to be an application design engineers.
-Electrical/instrument engineers aspiring to be an application design engineers.
-Employer supporting letter confirming the benefit of the Ex12 course for the individual.

Course Syllabus

Unit 1. Explosive Atmospheres General Principles
-Flammable Materials
-Gas & Dust Characteristics
-Area Classification Overview
-Ignition sources
-Equipment for use in Hazardous Areas
-Ingress Protection
-Designer requirement
Unit 2. Legislations & Standards
-ATEX Directive & UK Regulations
-IEC Standards
-EPL & ATEX Categories
-Equipment Certification
-Equipment marking to IECEx & ATEX
Unit 3. Ex Equipment ( Non – I.S)
-Non -I.S Protection concepts
-Installation requirement
-Additional requirement
-Selection of Equipment
Unit 4. Intrinsic Safety
-I.S Protection Concept
-I.S Parameters
-I.S Entity verification
-I.S Calculations
Unit 5. Documentations
-IEC 60079-14
-IEC 60079 -17
-Inspection -ADE
-I.S Selection requirement

Course Duration (Days)



Assessment is undertaken using applied knowledge assessments and multiple-choice examinations that cover the full Ex12 unit.
For some assessments, candidates are expected to demonstrate their understanding by using documentation and information available to determine the correct answer.
Candidates must undertake several examinations which cover both Ex12a and Ex12b including:
-Core exam (45 minutes)
-Equipment Marking exam (45 minutes)
-Standards exam – Parts 1 and 2 (2 hours 15 mins)
-Design exam – Parts 1 and 2 (3 hours)


Candidates who are successful the assessments will receive a Certification of Competence issued by CompEx Certification Limited (CCL) valid for 5 years.

Application Procedure

All applications are to be submitted (with full documentation) via email ( at least 7 working days prior to course commencing date. Successful applicants will receive the course confirmation and payment advisory email. Registration is only confirmed upon full payment of course fees.


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