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Hazardous Areas CompEx Mechanical Course (Ex11)

  /    /  Hazardous Areas CompEx Mechanical Course (Ex11)

Course Overview

This course is to determine the core competency of mechanical personnel. The training programme and syllabus cover the selection, assembly and routines associated with mechanical equipment for use in hazardous areas. This will meet the competency requirements for ISO 80079 Part 36 & 37 for operatives working with mechanical equipment. The course consists of a single unit, which incorporates elements from the CompEx Foundation qualification (ExF) to include fundamentals in hazardous awareness and Ex principles.

Successful candidates will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to meet the requirements highlighted in the IEC 60079 series of standards and the relevant national standards and directives.

Who Should Attend

This qualification is suitable for practicing mechanical operatives who are involved in installing, inspecting and maintaining non-electrical (mechanical) equipment in locations where gases, vapours and/or dusts can potentially create a hazardous area.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should possess the assumed skills and knowledge as outlined in the competency standards as follows:

    • Must have good standards of both written and verbal English.
    • Possess mechanical qualification from the vocation schools that enable us to determine the mechanical competency.
    • Possess Employment certification (Clearly indicate the mechanical work experience in the recent years)

Course Syllabus

    • Hazardous areas overview
    • Ignition sources of gas and dust
    • Introduction to Area classification
    • Categories, EPLs & Marking / labelling
    • Equipment for use in hazardous areas
    • Repairs & Modifications
    • Requirements for ATEX and IECEx non-electrical equipment and assemblies
    • Basic Mechanical Standards (BS EN 13463 part 1, 5 &6) (ISO 80079-36,37)
    • Bearings, seal, spares, coupling, lubrication etc
    • Safety issues during overhaul
    • Commissioning / de-commissioning
    • Inspection and maintenance – Torque tools & bolting procedure
    • Selection and use of gaskets, flanges, bolts and pipe integrity

Course Duration (Days)



Theoretical :–

Practical :–
Visual inspection, measurement and selection of appropriate tools Assembly and blanking of the flange with the selection of the correct part Pressure test of the flange connection Safe disassembly of a flange joint


Candidates who are successful in both the theory and practical assessments will receive a CompEx Certificate in Core Competence.

Blended learning (Virtual Classroom + Practical Assessment) is now available. For more information please download the course contents CompEx Mechanical (Ex11) Virtual Training


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