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Hazardous Area Classifications – Practical Approach (Live Streaming)

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Hazardous Area Classifications – Practical Approach was developed with the industry group to deliver competency training for the engineers/professionals whose job functions require them to prepare hazardous area classification reports and drawings in accordance to IEC 60079-10-1 standards. This course focuses on implementing measures to determine the extent of hazardous zones and to develop the practical experience of documentation using drawings, tables and calculations.

Course Syllabus

    • Hazardous Area Basics & Properties
    • Introduction to International Standards -IEC 60079-10-1 (Gases & Vapours)
    • Introduction to International Standards -IEC 60079-10-2 (Combustible dusts)
    • Overview of widely used codes for HAC ie. EI 15 (formerly IP 15) and API RP 500 & 505
    • Area Classification Principles & Methods
    • Factors influencing area classification
      • Release rate & Velocity
      • Geometry of release
      • Impediments
      • Ventilation & Dilution (Indoor – Outdoor)
    • Calculation of hazard radius & zones & Factors applied
    • Illustrative & Descriptive scenario with examples to analyse & classify the given area

Case Study 

Learner will prepare the HAC drawings in accordance with recognized standards and identify the requirements for equipment to be used within the specified zones with the considering of the following factors:

  1. Identification of grade(s) of release
  2. Determination of release rate
  3. Assess ventilation& dilution
  4. Assess & assign zone type
  5. Calculate extent of zone (hazard radius)

Methods – Self Assessment

Theory assessment of 30 multiple choice questions as well as to perform Area classification for a given scenario with data which will enable each participant to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the course.

Participants are best equipped to achieve competency in this unit if they have meet total of 75% passing mark. This will consist of working on case studies & Multiple Choice Questions.

Who Should Attend

These workshops are open to participants with basic Hazardous Areas knowledge or those who have previously attended the Hazardous Area Classifications Awareness seminar. Participants should already have basic knowledge of IECEx / ATEX requirements and are looking to gain more knowledge of the hazardous area classification approach.


Attendees will be awarded with Certificate of Training in ‘Hazardous Area Classification – Practical Approach ’ issued by ATTS, Singapore

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