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Explosive Atmosphere Awareness – DUST (Live Streaming)

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Dust explosions can have devastating consequences resulting in loss of lives and damage to properties in the industries. Since 1998, three of the four deadliest accidents were determined to be combustible dust explosions. For instance, in 2008, a sugar factory in the US, Georgia, exploded when the sugar dust was ignited by sparks from machinery, killing 14 people and injuring 36 others. Lack of understanding of the dangers of combustible dust is a key factor why dust explosions occur in workplace.

This seminar is designed to enhance work safety awareness in hazardous installations involving ignitable mixtures of air and dust. Integral to upholding high work safe standards, this seminar provides fundamental techniques and guidance on the control measures in hazardous areas.

At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to understand:
a. The basic elements of dust explosions and explosion protection methods
b. How and why hazardous locations are classified
c. How to identify workplaces are at risk for a dust explosion
d. The materials that are combustible dust hazards
e. The measures to prevent or mitigate the effects of dust explosion
f. Local regulations and International Standards

Course Syllabus

    • Principle of Dust explosions
    • Explosion Pentagon
    • Sources of ignition
    • Properties of combustibile dusts
    • Hazardous area classification IEC 60079-10-2
    • IEC Standard on combustible dusts
    • Explosion Prevention
    • Protection methods, Equipment marking
    • Singapore MHI Regulations, Dust advisory and WSH Act
    • Case Study

Who Should Attend

Fire Safety Managers, Workplace Safety and Health Executives, Workshop Managers, Insurers, Inspectors and Electrical Personnel are strongly recommended to attend the seminar as they will benefit from knowing how to ensure safe installation, operation, inspection and maintenance of explosion protected equipment.

Participants will be awarded with a certificate of training upon completion of the seminar.


Attendees will be awarded with Certificate of Training in ‘Explosive Atmosphere Awareness ’ issued by ATTS, Singapore

Entry Requirements

Candidate will require to equip with good internet connection (i.e. bandwidth 1.5Mbps up / 1.5 Mbps down), speaker & Mic.

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