Training Services

CompEX EX (For personnel involved in the installation, inspection and maintenance of electrical equipment in potentially hazardous environments)

Legislation and guidance for the safe use of electricity in hazardous areas has its origins in the German and British Coal industries of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Since then it has become a subject in its own right. Proven competence in the use of equipment is vital in the avoidance of commercial and safety related risk and in the majority of countries the law requires proven competence.

ATTS is the first in the provision of competence based training in Ex with a fully audited training facility in the ASEAN region and our expertise includes areas made hazardous through both gas and dusts.

Our courses meet the latest standards of BS, EN, ISO and IEC, they include the ATEX directive and cover all aspects of Ex except for mines. We are validated to provide courses to the international standard.