Comp Ex

What is Comp 'Ex'?

Comp ‘Ex’ In the mid 1990s the need for training and assessment of personnel working on equipment and systems installed within hazardous areas was met by a joint training initiative between the Engineering Equipment and Materials Users Association (EEMUA), the National Electrotechnical Training Organisation (NET) and JT Limited, supported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
What is Comp’Ex’?
Comp’Ex’ is a training and assessment programme designed specially for people working in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres for both onshore and offshore petrochemical and refining plants. It applies to people working in distilleries, paint spraying plants, flour mills, woodworking machine processes and petrol forecourt environments. Neglect in ensuring safe working practices in these industries could result in ignition of explosive gases and dust clouds, which may result in injury or fatalities.
Who should go for the training? The courses are meant for anyone involved in the design, specification, installation maintenance or documentation of industrial instrumentation, control & electrical systems in HAZARDOUS AREAS. This includes:
  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Manufacturers
  • Testing authorities and certifying bodies concerned with electrical apparatus for the detective and measurement of flammable gases
  • Inspectors & regulatory authorities
  • Installers & designers
  • Certifiers
  • Maintenance Agents
  • Mining & Demolition industry