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expert trainer ASSETS courses offer valuable theoretical learning combined with practical hands-on training in realistic 'real world' situations. Candidates emerge knowing what to do and when to do it.

All of our courses are conducted by competent trainers who are experts in their field of delivery. Each has extensive industrial experience and hold the relevant academic and training qualifications. Our trainers are consistently developing and tailoring courses in response to industry and client demands.
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1. CP 5001Hazardous Areas 5-Day Comp'Ex' Competence Based Course download brochure
2. AT 3001 Hazardous Areas 3-Day 'Ex' Appreciation Course
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3. AT 2004Explosion Protected Motors – Inspection and Maintenance
4. AT 4101High & Low Voltage Switchgear Operations Course
5. AT 5007Hazardous Areas 5-Day Electrical ‘Ex’ Foundation Course
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6. AT 5201MODU Electrical for Offshore Personnel – Level 1
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7. AT 9205Comprehensive Generator / SCR Drives Control Course
8. AT 4207 SCR Training Course – 4 days (NEW)
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9. AT 4209 4 Days Programmable Logic Controller Training
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10. AJ 3303Certified Fibre Optic Technician (CFOT)
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11.AJ 5302Infrared Thermography Course – Level 1
12. AT5103High Voltage Switching Operation Course (MCA Approved) (NEW)
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